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A community of nonpartisan, diverse women, we explore perspectives to find common ground solutions to social and economic issues. By encouraging one another. By being open-minded about other points of view. And by channeling the power of collaboration. As our community strengthens, we'll amplify positions on priority issues. We’ll find productive ways to realize Canada’s greatness. And we'll inspire other Canadians to help shape a brighter, more prosperous future.

How you can participate

Share your insights. To share your insights, ideas, and experiences, go to the “discuss topics” section where you can ask questions, discuss your views, and respond to other posts.

Learn about issues. To increase your understanding of an issue, review relevant articles from unique points of view, and find the balance between social and economic perspectives.   

Suggest a new topic. To suggest a new discussion topic, submit your suggestion, describe the issue, and share relevant articles for the community to consider.

Collaborate on great ideas. To support or build on a great idea, post a comment, and share your feedback with other members.

Help strengthen our community. Participate in discussions, complete quick questions and surveys, and share your feedback with us. We welcome suggestions to improve the site for members of our community.   

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