What is the Canada Powered by Women community?

The Canada Powered by Women community is a member-only place for women to connect, discuss and collaborate with other members about social and economic issues facing our country.

How will the community information be used?

Community content will be used to share insights, ask questions, and source information sources with other members. These insights will help strengthen your experience as a member of Canada Powered by Women. On a regular basis, you'll see new discussion topics, voting and ranking activities, polls and surveys.

What's in it for me?

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas on Canada's socio-econimic landscape as it relates to you and other members of Canada Powered by Women. You'll take part in shaping the future of this community and ultimately the well-being and prosperoity of our country.

How much time will it take?

You can participate as much as you like. New topics and activities will be added on a regular basis where you can share your thoughts, opinions and ideas. It’s really up to you how much or how little you participate.

Will the information I enter to be visible to others?

Your personal profile is available for other members of the community to see.  You’ll be able to contact other members of the community and see their comments, discussions and ideas. And your comments, discussions and ideas will also be accessible to members.

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