Canada needs to become an energy superpower

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In this National Post article, Ukraine invasion shows why Canada needs to become an energy superpower, Adam Pankratz advocates that: 

Canada has a real chance to become a world energy superpower if we build pipelines and encourage development and exploration. This will take great political will, but the benefits of resource development and energy sovereignty will accrue in our communities, our First Nations and our country for decades to come.”

He makes these arguments to support his case:   

“However important oil is to our way of life, it has lately been under siege by the environmental, social and governance movement. Green is the way forward, or so we have been told. Wind, solar and hydro power are all we need.

These energy sources can no doubt play a role, and oil companies can certainly do better in terms of their environmental impact. But, as Europe has been finding out to devastating effect this year, the wind doesn’t always blow when you want it to. Ask U.K. consumers what January in Scotland feels like when your gas provider goes bust.

Waking up cold isn’t the only consequence of the realpolitik of energy independence. Today we’re reminded that invasion is also on the table when you have oil and gas leverage, and the others don’t. The jury is no longer out on the energy transition question: it will take decades to move away from oil and gas and Canada had better start thinking about how to position itself given that reality.”

Should Canada become a bigger player in global energy? 

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