How does our system compare to other countries?

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Canada’s healthcare system scores poorly against peers ranking it in tenth place just ahead of the United States, at the very bottom. 

The Commonwealth Fund report compares 11 high-income countries – Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States – using 71 performance measures across five domains, including access to care, care process, administrative efficiency, equity and health outcomes.

Canada places 10th in equity and healthcare outcomes, ninth in access to care, seventh in administrative efficiency, and fourth in care process. Not very impressive!

Which countries have the best healthcare in the world?

CEO World Magazine's Health Care Index ranks Canada even lower! Canada ranks #23 compared with 89 other countries. 

The top ten countries with the best healthcare in rank order: South Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, Austria, Japan, Australia, France, Spain, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. This ranking is based on a statistical analysis of the overall quality of health care systems and assesses health care infrastructure, health care professionals, competencies, costs, quality medicine availability, and government readiness.

Clearly, we can do better! 

How do we get our governments to make quality, affordable healthcare a priority?