Canada is changing - our politicians haven't a clue

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How does this recent article in the National Post compare to your view of political leadership in recent weeks?
“None of the three major parties shows any indication of understanding what’s happening around them, much less adapting accordingly.”

Leadership has failed on so many fronts in so many instances. Experts who lack expertise, appointees who aren’t up to the job, talking heads who can’t keep their story straight or their advice consistent. A governing class seemingly dedicated more to division and disparagement than pragmatism or co-operation. In sum it’s produced an anger that is palpable and not anywhere like the placid and polite Canadian profile. For a long time now, Canada has been neither peaceable, orderly, or well governed.

While an army of cops was still arraying itself to finally clear Ottawa’s streets, about 20 “masked and violent attackers” surrounded and assaulted workers at the site of a pipeline project in British Columbia. According to one account, “an attempt was made to set a vehicle on fire while workers were inside. The attackers also wielded axes, swinging them at vehicles and through a truck’s window. Flare guns were also fired at workers.” The terrified crew fled for their lives while attackers set about burning and vandalizing equipment.

While the attack briefly distracted media attention, it quickly shifted back to the “national crisis” in Ottawa, where no one’s life was endangered, and a major issue was what to do with all the kids the protesters brought with them.

New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh made the answer to that clear when he announced his willingness to grant the government the extraordinary powers it sought to clear the laneways around Wellington Street but stipulated, they must never be used against “Indigenous land defenders, climate change activists, workers fighting for fairness.” Insisting that the rights of some Canadians deserve greater protection than others isn’t normally a position you associate with Singh’s party.

While Canada may have changed, it’s painfully obvious our political leadership is lagging woefully behind. None of the three major parties shows any indication of understanding what’s happening around them, much less adapting accordingly, fixated instead on whatever immediate gain they can squeeze from the commotion. Our prime minister is an increasingly grumpy and distant figure who prefers insulting and disparaging opponents while defining which views, he deems “acceptable.” Conservatives spend more time hunting for leaders than searching for solutions and seem intent on plunging deep into the pool of eternal outrage.

Do you think political leaders understand the mood of Canadians?

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