The U.S., the U.K., and the world are all waking up to the need for gas and oil. Will we?

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Is the seemingly huge gulf between climate policy and the cost of everything going up starting to worry you?
It is me. And I think many, many Canadians are giving this a re-think. Former Energy Minister Joe Oliver sheds some light on one aspect of it in the link below.
What are you thoughts?
Is a recession looming in Canada?

"Remarkably, only four per cent of respondents (in a recent survey) identified action on climate change as one of (our Prime Minister's) greatest accomplishments — perhaps because his government has missed every emissions target it set. Nor are they impressed by the hypocritical high-carbon lifestyle he and his ministers pursue, with the fleeting exception of Steven Guilbeault, who wanted to travel the country by train but had to give up his plans for a cross-country trip because it was “not logistically feasible.”