Online Streaming Act to grant CRTC authority over Internet

Submitted to The Online News Act

Peter Menzies, senior fellow with the MacDonald-Laurier Institute and former vice chair of the CRTC, shares a scathing assessment of the debate process regarding Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act. He also quotes the reaction of Dr. Michael Guest, one of Canada's leading internet policy experts, "The result was an embarrassment to the government that leaves a stain that will not be easy to remove. Despite the absence of any actual deadline, the government insisted that just three two-hour sessions be allocated to full clause-by-clause review of the bill. With roughly 170 amendments proposed by five parties, there was only time for a fraction of the amendments to be reviewed. Instead, once the government-imposed deadline arrived at 9:00 pm, the committee moved to voting on the remaining proposed amendments without any debate, discussion, questions for department officials, or public disclosure of what was being voted on. The voting ran past midnight with the public left with little idea of what is in or out of the bill." Liberals muscle through legislation